Where Silent Counselling started . . .

When the young woman walked into their clinic in Dundee, Scotland, Marjorie and John Cooper were ready to help her, just like they helped all of the clients referred to them for counselling with drug and alcohol-related problems.

But as the session opened and Marjorie started asking questions, it became clear there was another major problem: Beth (not her real name) was so traumatised by what had happened in her life that she was not able to speak.

Marjorie and John were both experienced energy psychologists. They had trained in Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy methodology. Marjorie had studied Bio-Energy Healing with Michael Dalton, the architect of Bio Energy. Both were well-versed and experienced in a portfolio of other healing therapies too. Their counselling practice had a contract with the local council who referred people to them suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Their methods were well-known for getting results, and hundreds of people who’d come through their clinic door had their lives turned around.

So when Beth presented and was not able to speak, Marjorie and John had to draw deeply and quickly on all their knowledge and skills to find a way to help her. Beth had been sexually abused and prostituted from the age of 5; in her teens she’d turned to drugs and alcohol. By the time she was 18 and turned up in the clinic, she was familiar with the inside of a prison. But she couldn’t talk about any of it.

As they listened and tried to understand the small sounds that Beth was making, they decided to try muscle testing with her, a technique developed by Roger Callahan. And on the spot they paired it with their knowledge of bio-energetic feedback – a little-known technique to get simple yes/no answers to closed questions, where the response is felt in the body.

They were shocked as they started to feel Beth able to release some of her negative emotions in that session. This was effectively the seeds of a technique that grew into Silent Counselling.

Over the course of a few visits, Beth released a lot of her negative emotions. The course of her life was, for the frst time ever, turned around and set in a positive direction. John and Marjorie continued using and evolving the method, offering it to clients as an option with unbelievable results. It had no name at that point – it was their own technique that they simply incorporated into their practice because it was proving so effective.

With the results pouring in, and a desire to share it with as many other people as possible, they eventually gave it a name – simple and descriptive, “Silent Counselling” says it all.

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