Silent Counselling

Transform your healing practice
with Silent Counselling

Are you a coach, therapist or health care professional, there is nothing more deeply fulfilling than helping people out of their anxieties, pains and struggles. So having a powerful technique, that you can rely on to get life-changing results for your clients, will absolutely transform your practice and take it to the next level.

Silent Counselling is a simple, soothing method that does not require people to talk about past traumas. It’s very effective for helping with issues such as fear, anxiety & panic attacks. This is the closest you will ever get to a multi-purpose counselling tool. And yet it’s incredibly, deceptively simple to learn.

Once you’ve learned the techniques of Silent Counselling, you are equipped for life. You will be able to help yourself and others to release ANY negative emotions that keep pulling you back – even ones where you don’t remember the cause, or can’t consciously identify it. 


Where other methods rely on speaking, Silent Counselling uses a technique called muscle testing to determine the meridian points that require clearing and uses the body’s energy system to communicate the cause of blockages.

We don’t rely on our memories, which can be deceptive and incomplete. We learn to understand what the energies in our bodies tell us.Blocked energy is released and restored to a balanced flow through touch and deep breathing techniques. Silent Counselling gets truly incredible results very quickly – and remarkably easy.


‘‘It’s like adding magic to the mix’’

Have you ever experienced: 
  • Being “stuck” with a particular client. When they’ve been coming to you for multiple sessions, and you’ve tried everything in your toolkit but they are still struggling to move forward and make progress?

  • Feeling frustrated because you’re not getting results quickly enough for a client?

  • Searching for something more to add to your practice, so you can expand your reach to

  • Needing a therapy you can provide to clients remotely over video-link?

  • Reaching a plateau in your personal or professional development and looking to invest in yourself, develop your skills, and move forward

If you relate to any of these feelings, then you’ve discovered Silent Counselling at just the perfect moment.


When I discovered it, it transformed my life. I have since helped many people get free from problems that have limited them for years. It’s taken my coaching practice to the next level and I can’t wait for it to do the same for you.

Silent Counselling Training Is Perfect For You If: 


You’re just starting out in your vocation. It is accessible training that you can easily grasp and which will rapidly establish you as an effective therapist.


You want to be able to help clients to get results quicker, make a phenomenal difference to their lives.

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 17.54.51.png

You want to be able to help clients to get results quicker, make a phenomenal difference to their lives.


You want to be able to reach more people remotely with a therapy that is very effective over video as well as in-person.


Why do I call it “life-changing”? 

That’s quite a big claim, and I don’t use the word lightly. It has the potential to be truly transformative because: 
  • It addresses root causes, not just the negative emotion, the effect is a long-lasting change 

  • The usual trigger factors that send someone spiraling backward no longer have power over them 

  • There is no need for clients to talk about a past event or trauma 

  • It is a fantastic self-help tool to address trapped emotions that cause 90% of all pain 

  • It empowers people to make positive changes in their life, allowing them to feel lighter, happier and more peaceful 

  • The benefits are felt very quickly – either immediately or within 24 hours 

  • It helps people make decisions and empowers them in their life choices