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What is Silent Counselling?

Silent Counselling enables you to release the negative emotions attached to past events, WITHOUT THE NEED TO TALK!

It works by using the body’s energy system, rather than the retelling of painful events, to identify and diffuse the negative emotions.

Silent Counselling gives you the power to move on from the past into the present with positive feelings.

Silent Counselling helps eliminate fears and phobias.

Maggie Downie discusses the benefits of her experience after exploring Silent Counselling with Candice Wilson.

What happens during a Silent Counselling session?

The session starts with the Silent Counselling therapist, asking you to identify the emotion that is causing you pain.

You may talk about the past event if you like, or you may choose not to say anything about it.

All you have to do for Silent Counselling to work is to briefly think about the event while the therapist releases the trapped negative emotion.

Benefits of Silent Counselling

  • There is no need to talk about a past event or trauma.
  • Clears fears and phobias e.g. fear of flying, spiders, exams, public speaking or needles.
  • Assists with emotional burdens such as anger management, self judgement, blame and low self -esteem.
  • Identifies and diffuses negative emotions caused by past events which are being triggered by events in the present.
  • It is a fantastic self-help tool to address trapped emotions which cause 90% of all pain.
  • Gives you choice and freedom to move on and make positive changes in your life, free from emotional burdens.
  • The benefits are either felt immediately or within 24 hours.

The results of a Silent Counselling session

Freedom from negative emotions and behavior carried forward from Past Lives, the womb, birth, childhood right up to the present time, allowing the client to feel lighter, happier and more peaceful.

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