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Silent Counselling Training

How to heal from your past without having to talk about your problem even if you think you will never feel true happiness, not only can you heal yourself, you can also learn to heal others too.

silent counsellingSilent Counselling is a deep yet extremely soothing form of therapy that enables you to release negative emotions without having to disclose the origin to the therapist.

Silent Counselling is a non – invasive meridian therapy emotional release technique with its origins in TFT – Thought Field Therapy.

Silent Counselling works using a combination of diagnostic muscle testing to determine he meridian points in the face, body and hands that requiring clearing.

Through the use of the breath, Silent Counselling works to release blocked energy in the body and restore a balanced flow.

Stress, tension and trauma held emotionally in the body are worked on at the root cause level and as a result of this, a permanent rather than temporary, clearing of symptoms can arise.

Silent Counselling Training – Level 1

Date: 18th April 2020

Venue: Amy Gibbs Therapy Centre, Kirkcaldy


Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we are following The Governments instructions and unfortunately unable to deliver this training course in person. However, we are now able to facilitate this online, terms and conditions apply.

During this one day workshop we shall explore how our emotions, both positive and negative, play a major part in our lives, affect the decisions we make and indeed our own personal happiness.

However, you will also learn, that fortunately our bodies hold the key to our own personal energy psychology and our emotional wellbeing.

You will discover the power our bodies have in diffusing negative burden within our emotional minds.

You will learn the coded points on the body, how to locate and energise them and so to experience the flow of positive energy as the burdens release their power over us.

In addition, this one day workshop will open up your awareness to your personal energy and the instantaneous level of your positive intension and motivation.

Further Training Opportunities

Level 2 Training where you can use Silent Counselling in your practice.

23rd May 2020

Silent Counselling 2 Training Workshop which will heighten your awareness of energy through muscle testing. This workshop will introduce to the skill of muscle testing as a valuable tool in decision making.

Cost per day is £150.00 and £30 deposit will secure your place.

To become a qualified Silent Counselling practitioner you need to complete the 2 days training and have 6 case studies, meeting 3 clients for 2 sessions each ideally. Sessions should be completed within a 6 month period.


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