Transform your healing practice: learn how to get life-changing results; release negative emotions at their root cause; never be stuck again

Become a Silent Counselling practitioner, and join me for a unique two-day training course (online)

“This incredible technique gets results for my clients quicker than anything else I’ve discovered.”

As a coach, therapist or counsellor, there is nothing more deeply fulfilling than helping people out of their anxieties, pains and struggles. Healing and empowering people to find true happiness is our driving force. 

You’ll know the feeling of elation when you successfully help someone overcome a struggle, clear a blockage, and move positively forward with their life.

So I’m very excited to share with you a powerful technique that consistently gets life-changing results for my clients –

candice wilson creating balance

Silent Counselling: healing without words

“It’s like adding magic to the mix”

I’ve trained many counsellors and therapists now in this simple, soothing method which does not require people to talk about past traumas.

Once you’ve learned the techniques of Silent Counselling, you are equipped for life. You will be able to help yourself and others to release ANY negative emotions that keep pulling you back – even ones where you don’t remember the cause, or can’t consciously identify it.

Silent Counselling gets truly incredible results very quickly – and remarkably easily. 

Why do I call it “life-changing”? 

That’s quite a big claim, and I don’t use the word lightly. Silent Counselling has a unique mechanism for identifying and addressing root causes of negative emotions, even if your client can’t talk about them. Since it addresses the root causes, the effect is long-lasting change. The usual trigger factors that send someone spiralling backwards no longer have power over them. It has the potential to be truly transformative.

In my experience it is effective for helping people with anxiety, phobias, depression, grief, stress, addiction, trauma and food intolerances. I’ve helped people with pain management, including fibromyalgia. I’ve helped people with self esteem, and with making the decisions and the life choices that are right for them. It’s effective for weight loss….the list goes on. This is the closest you will ever get to a multi-purpose counselling tool.

Before we dive into what it is, have you experienced any of these feelings in your practice?

* Being “stuck” with a particular client. When they’ve been coming to you for multiple sessions, and you’ve tried everything in your toolkit but they are still struggling to move forward and make progress?

* Frustration because you’re not getting results quickly enough for a client?

* Searching for something more to add to your practice, so you can expand your reach to new and different clients and challenges?

* Frustrated because due to social distancing you’re not able to carry out your usual hands-on healing therapies?

* Reached a plateau in your own personal or professional development and looking to invest in yourself, develop your skills and move forward?

* Feel you need more tools in your toolkit to help people in the new challenging times we’re entering?

If you relate to any of these feelings, then I believe that Silent Counselling may just have come into your field of vision at the right time. It could be the answer you’re looking for now to enhance your toolkit.

When I discovered it, it transformed my life. I have since helped many people get free from problems that have limited them for years. It’s taken my coaching practice to the next level and I can’t wait for it to do the same for you.

Simple, yet extremely powerful training

“With this training, you have gold in your toolkit.”

Silent Counselling is deceptively simple to learn, but isn’t it sometimes the simplest things that are the most powerful? Its very simplicity makes it difficult for traditional psychologists to believe it works, because a “cure” is not usually envisaged.

This training course does not require hours and hours of study. It does not require pages of essay writing. Nor are you just handed some videos and a handbook and left to your own devices. 

It is interactive training delivered via live video conferencing to small, intimate group sizes, accompanied by a course workbook.  The number of places on each training date is limited to just 8 people, so there are opportunities to interact with me live, ask questions and get feedback. We work together to solve your problems on the day.

silent counselling candice wilson

I will be showing you step by step the practical techniques that I use with my clients – proven techniques that have turned many lives around – as well as teaching elements of energy psychology to give you a background understanding of what is behind each technique. 

This is a unique training that you can not find anywhere else. I’ve become an Ambassador for Silent Counselling – endorsed by the founders of this technique – because I believe deeply in its healing powers.  I bring my 13 years of experience in coaching, counselling and training, and some unique insights that have taken me years to develop, to help you every step of the way. 

I want to make sure you have the very best chance to experience the same successes with your clients as I have with mine, for you to have confidence in your practice, reconnect and develop your purpose as a healer or therapist.

✔ It is suitable if you’re just starting out in your vocation. It is an accessible training that you can easily grasp and which will rapidly establish you as an effective therapist. 

✔ It is suitable if you already have many years of experience – it will bring a totally fresh, new element and take your practice to a new level, You will be able to help clients to get results more quickly, make a phenomenal difference to their lives, and take on more clients with a range of issues they need your help with.

✔ It simply requires you to open up to the incredible communications that the body’s energy system is capable of.

The results are mind-blowing. 

What is Silent Counselling?

“I know I’m bringing something very different to the table and people love it! Not every self esteem group facilitator has this training and comments are always, ‘OMG this is amazing! I feel so much lighter.’”

Can you help someone without actually talking?

Yes! Silent Counselling was developed by two energy psychologists when a young woman came into their clinic who was so badly traumatised by the events of her life that she was not able to speak. She could only stammer and croak. Silent Counselling was born out of the urgent need to help her where no existing method could reach.

This is its unique power. The therapist does not need to ask the client what the cause of their emotional pain is. Retelling painful events can trigger traumatic flashbacks. Some clients may not be willing or able to discuss them – or not even aware of the root causes of their difficulties.

Silent Counselling is based on similar principles to Thought Field Therapy and other energy psychologies – identifying meridian points in the body that are blocked by negative emotions.  In the way that our veins carry blood, meridians carry energy through our bodies. Energy psychology focuses on healthy, balanced and uninterrupted energy flows.

But where other methods rely on speaking, Silent Counselling uses a technique called muscle testing to determine the meridian points that require clearing, and uses the body’s energy system to communicate the cause of blockages. We don’t rely on our memories, which can be deceptive and incomplete. We learn to understand what the energies in our bodies tell us.  Blocked energy is released and restored to a balanced flow through the use of deep breathing.

Benefits of Silent Counselling

“I saw it in action and saw it was similar to something I already used but I liked the idea of not having to ask the client anything about it.”
  • There is no need for clients to talk about a past event or trauma. 
  • It provides lasting results, not temporary results – by addressing root causes, not just the negative emotion.
  • It is effective for clearing fears and phobias.
  • It assists with stress, anger management, self judgement, blame and low self -esteem. 
  • It releases people from being triggered by present events.
  • It is a fantastic self-help tool to address trapped emotions which cause 90% of all pain. 
  • It empowers people to make positive changes in their life, allowing them to feel lighter, happier and more peaceful. 
  • The benefits are felt very quickly – either immediately or within 24 hours. 
  • It helps people make decisions, and empowers them in their life choices.
  • It is very effective over video as well as in-person, so your reach is not limited by physical location.
“I have a client who, using muscle testing, has been able to get direction for every area of her life and business – including choosing a business name.”

The Silent Counselling Training Course

Become a certified Silent Counsellor.

Whether you want it for yourself or for helping others, this two day course will help you get results very quickly. It will enhance and complement what you already offer. You will be able to address once and for all a huge range of issues that you couldn’t previously resolve. 

I’m truly excited for you to start this journey with me!

The course is split into Level 1 (two half days) and Level 2 (two half days). 

You will learn:

Level 1 Emotional Management

★ What is Energy Psychology?

★ The Mind Body Connection

★ Learning Acupressure Points

★ Psychological Reversal (PR) Corrections

★ Touch and Breath (TAB) Techniques

★ Defusing Emotional Pain

★ What are toxins?

★ Management of toxins using breathing techniques

Level 2 Implementation

★ Emotional meridians, for releasing negative emotional energy

★ How to carry out muscle testing

★ Multi-level PR correction

★ Enhancing your existing home life, work or therapy through muscle testing diagnosis

★ Integrate muscle testing with Silent Counselling

★ Time-framing

★ Mental, emotional and spiritual root cause manifestations

★ Blocking

BONUS Membership of private Facebook support group to connect with other course participants and graduates.

BONUS Learn Chakra Balancing

BONUS Learn how to test for food intolerances.

As part of the course you need to carry out 6 case studies, ideally meeting 3 clients for 2 sessions each. Sessions should be completed within a 6 month period. A re-connector module of the course is available if you don’t manage to complete within this time-frame. 

On completion of both levels and the case studies, you will become a certified Silent Counsellor.

You have full support from myself and your peers in the Facebook group throughout to help you complete the course. Your membership of the group is ongoing, so you’re never alone – even after your training is complete.  You’ll be joining a community of practitioners all passionate about developing their practice, a mindset of investing in themselves, sharing ways of helping you and your clients reach your full potential and create your best life.


Silent Counselling is a life-long tool. You learn it once, then you can draw on it for yourself, your family and your clients. It will empower you to address any issue, anytime, anywhere. 

As a business investment it will pay back many, many times over – not only in monetary terms but in what you are able to do for your clients.  And as a life investment in yourself, the value is simply incalculable.

Our group trainings are small and intimate with space for only 8 people to train at a time. I recommend booking early to get the dates you want.

I have not priced this course based on the value you get from it; that would be impossible. Firstly because you I believe you can’t put a monetary value on healing, empowerment and life fulfilment; and secondly because if you multiply all your session fees hundreds of times over the course of your practice (which is what you’ll get business-wise from this) it would be many thousands of pounds. 

The fee is based on reasonably covering my costs to develop and deliver the course. I want this very special technique to be accessible to as many therapists and healers as possible.

Cost: £300 one-time fee for the full training, including Level 1, Level 2 and the bonuses.

  • £60 deposit is payable on booking to secure your place. 
  • The remaining £240 is payable 7 days before the training starts. 
  • The deposit to secure your place is made by PayPal on the booking page.
  • The dates of the next available training are shown on the booking page.

Ready to take the next step?

Optionally, you can book Level 1 and Level 2 separately, at £165 each.  When you select a single-level booking, £33 is payable to secure your place, with the remaining £132 payable a week before the training starts.

What Candice’s Silent Counselling Training graduates have said:

“Candice is a highly skilled facilitator who inspired me to want to reach people in the way that she does. When I heard about her new Silent Counselling I had to ask if she would do it with me as I couldn't quite understand: how can you counsel without talking? I was blown away with the results! I work with the public, and I can now use Silent Counselling in my line of work to help someone out of a state of anxiety or stop holding onto fear, resentment or whichever emotion is current for them.”

“I’ve already used it with some clients and they are able to see some shifts in how they feel, especially when they’re able to relate to the emotions that are linked to the blocked meridians”

“I had experienced Silent Counselling first-hand with Candice and it blew my mind! I had never remembered that far back into my childhood before then, but could see it clear as day! With the relief and peace I felt in my heart I knew this was a fantastic tool to have!”

“I've been in touch with my group through lockdown and they are using the techniques of Silent Counselling I've taught them to help stop panic.”

About Candice

candice wilson creating balance

Candice is a life transformation coach who helps women embrace change with PASSION, PURPOSE and POWER. She passionately believes that we have everything we need within us to live our best, most fulfilling lives, and she has helped countless women to unlock their own power. 

With a wealth of successful coaching and counselling experience behind her, she now shares her secrets with other coaches and healers to extend the reach of her most powerful techniques. Her mission is to help as many women as possible become aligned with their purpose. 

Candice is the only qualified Silent Counselling therapy trainer in the world who is offering this training opportunity to other coaches and healers.

She stumbled across it a few years ago when personal circumstances sent her life spiralling out of control.  She was in a dark place and struggling to find a way out. She had already tried lots of self help avenues, when a friend recommended this obscure therapy called Silent Counselling, founded by a bio-energy healer in Perth, Scotland.  Always up for discovering something new, Candice was quick to book an appointment. Little did she know how that visit would change her life!

“After the first session I literally could not believe how good I felt. I felt so much lighter. After a few sessions, I had to know how she did this – I thought it must be very complicated as it was so powerful. It blew my mind when I realised that something so simple could be so life-changing.”

Candice has taken on the mantel of Silent Counselling from the founders, and is endorsed by them as the next-generation Ambassador for it. She is on a mission to spread the word far and wide and get people accessing the power within themselves to transform their lives.

She also runs a flagship life coaching course called “Creating Balance” which she delivers regularly with amazing results for people of all ages. 

Her new programme, “Best of You,” is a business-accelerator programme for female coaches.

 She is constantly evolving her coaching practice and sharing her expertise via a range of courses for other counsellors, coaches and healers.

Where Silent Counselling started

When the young woman walked into their clinic in Dundee, Scotland, Marjorie and John Cooper were ready to help her, just like they helped all of the clients referred to them for counselling with drug and alcohol-related problems.

But as the session opened and Marjorie started asking questions, it became clear there was another major problem: Beth (not her real name) was so traumatised by what had happened in her life that she was not able to speak.

Marjorie and John were both experienced energy psychologists. They had trained in Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy methodology. Marjorie had studied Bio-Energy Healing with Michael Dalton, the architect of Bio Energy. Both were well-versed and experienced in a portfolio of other healing therapies too. Their counselling practice had a contract with the local council who referred people to them suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Their methods were well-known for getting results, and hundreds of people who’d come through their clinic door had their lives turned around.

So when Beth presented and was not able to speak, Marjorie and John had to draw deeply and quickly on all their knowledge and skills to find a way to help her. Beth had been sexually abused and prostituted from the age of 5; in her teens she’d turned to drugs and alcohol. By the time she was 18 and turned up in the clinic, she was familiar with the inside of a prison. But she couldn’t talk about any of it.

As they listened and tried to understand the small sounds that Beth was making, they decided to try muscle testing with her, a technique developed by Roger Callahan. And on the spot they paired it with their knowledge of bio-energetic feedback – a little-known technique to get simple yes/no answers to closed questions, where the response is felt in the body. 

They were shocked as they started to feel Beth able to release some of her negative emotions in that session. This was effectively the seeds of a technique that grew into Silent Counselling.

Over the course of a few visits, Beth released a lot of her negative emotions. The course of her life was, for the first time ever, turned around and set in a positive direction.  John and Marjorie continued using and evolving the method, offering it to clients as an option with unbelievable results. It had no name at that point – it was their own technique that they simply incorporated into their practice because it was proving so effective.

With the results pouring in, and a desire to share it with as many other people as possible, they eventually gave it a name – simple and descriptive, “Silent Counselling” says it all.

“Energy medicine is the future. It takes people from victim to choice, and rebalances the whole system, mentally, physically and emotionally.” John and Marjorie Cooper, Founders, Silent Counselling.


Do you need to be a counsellor already to learn Silent Counselling?

Yes, this online training is specifically designed for people who are already coaches, therapists or healers, so that you have the skill-set required to deliver therapy to clients.

How much study do I need to do beforehand?

None. No prior knowledge of needed. An understanding of meridians is a bonus but not essential as you will be taught everything during the course.

Do you offer a guarantee with the training?

I have total confidence in this technique. I’ve witnessed many people able to transform their lives as a result, and I’ve a lot of experience in teaching others to achieve success with it. The testimonials from my previous course graduates show the successes they are experiencing from the training. Once you complete the course you have on-going support from myself and your peers.

 If 6 months after your certification, you have accessed all the help and support available and are still not satisfied with the results, I will refund the course fee in full.

Is Silent Counselling safe?

Silent Counselling is soothing, non-invasive and 100% safe. Some of your clients may experience a healing crises afterwards, as it is very powerful. They may feel very tired for a couple of days, have a mild headache or briefly have a mild skin rash. I can provide more information on healing crises if required.

Can it be used with other therapies?

Yes, it can be delivered alongside any other therapies. 

Is there a refund policy?

If you are unable to attend the training, you can postpone to the next available date. The trainings run very regularly throughout the year.