Silent Counselling Training

Simple, yet extremely powerful training

This is a completely unique training that you cannot find anywhere else!

 “With this training, you have gold in your toolkit”


The Silent Counselling Training Course 

Simple, yet extremely powerful training 

This training course does not require hours and hours of study. It does not require pages of essay writing. Nor are you just handed some videos and a handbook and left to your own devices.

It is interactive training delivered via live video conferencing to small, intimate group sizes, accompanied by a course workbook.

The number of places on each training date is limited so there are opportunities to interact with me live, ask questions and get feedback.

I will be showing you step by step the practical techniques that I use with my clients – proven techniques that have turned lives around – as well as teaching elements of energy psychology to give you a background understanding of what is behind each technique.

This is a completely unique training that you cannot find anywhere else.

Course Content

Level 1 Emotional Management 

  • What is Energy Psychology?
  • The Mind Body Connection
  • Learning Acupressure Points
  • Psychological Reversal (PR) Corrections
  • Touch and Breath (TAB) Techniques
  • Collar bone breathing
  • Defusing Emotional Pain
  • What are toxins?
  • Management of toxins using breathing techniques

Level 2 Implementation

  • Emotional meridians, for releasing negative emotional energy
  • How to carry out muscle testing
  • Multi-level PR correction
  • Enhancing your existing home life, work or therapy through muscle testing diagnosis
  • Integratemuscle testing with Silent Counselling
  • Time-framing
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual root cause manifestations
  • Blocking
  • Case Studies

The course also includes

  • BONUS Membership of private Facebook support group to connect with other course participants and graduates.
  • BONUS Learn Chakra Balancing
  • BONUS Learn how to test for food intolerances.

You have full support from myself and your peers in the Facebook group throughout to help you complete the course. Your membership of the group is ongoing, so you’re never alone – even after your training is complete.

Silent Counselling is a life-long tool. You learn it once, then you can draw on it for yourself, your family, and your clients. It will empower you to address any issue, anytime, anywhere.

As a business investment, it will pay back many, many times over – not only in monetary terms but in what you are able to do for your clients. And as a life investment in yourself, the value is simply incalculable.

“With this training, you have gold in your toolkit.” 

£497.00 one-time fee for the full training

including Level 1, Level 2, and the bonuses 

The dates of the next available training are shown on the booking page.