Do You Know Your Money Story?

Are you a business owner trying to attract your dream clients yet struggle when it comes to asking for payment? For so many years in my business, I struggled financially. I struggled to ask for payments and be paid my worth. It was only when I worked with an amazing coach last year that I finally accepted that I had everything it took to be a successful businesswoman and get paid for the value I was offering my clients.

I went on a healing journey with money and then I truly acknowledged I had so many limiting beliefs and energy blocks that were preventing me from achieving financial success. I had thought I didn’t have the right marketing strategy or the right message or the right sales pitch, and I spent far too long investing my time money, and energy on courses, coaches, and programmes that weren’t aligned with me. I blamed them all for my lack of success, when all along, it was me who was sabotaging my business success.

Some of the beliefs I had were – :

  • Money causes problems, I had seen so many family disagreements around money, therefore blamed ‘money” for causing the problems.

  • I believed I didn’t deserve money, I heard my mum and dad argue about child maintenance after they separated, hence formed a belief that I wasn’t worthy

  • As I didn’t believe in myself and didn’t think I was worthy, I could accept status when my business started to flourish, I tried to keep myself small while desperately trying to become successful and have an impact on the world.

These deep-rooted beliefs were formed from a young age and some of my beliefs even stemmed from the womb. Oh, I do love unravelling all those stories through energy work ;-) and releasing them from the core.

This week in our Best of You, Facebook Group, we explored our money stories and it was wonderful to see some of the group members "release" their old stories and put them to bed, and create wonderful healthy new affirmations that will serve them much better.

Do you know what your beliefs around money are and how they are serving you today?

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NB – if you would like to release your own deep-rooted money stories, you will love the One on One Mind Cleanse Method.

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