Podcast Episodes

Listen to some podcast episodes that I appeared on to get more of an understanding of the benefits of what I can do for you.

Karen Maloney Profile Picture 600x400.jpg

This is a podcast episode where I talk with Karen Maloney about the two of the most important aspects of a successful business, limiting beliefs, the benefits of Silent Counselling, muscle testing, the body's natural ability to heal itself and much more.

henric johansson profile pic 600x400.jpg

I had a great informal chat with Henric Johansson on his podcast where he was asking me about my spiritual views on life and my work in this 24-minute podcast episode.

Paul Wison 600x400.jpg

In this podcast episode, I was chatting with Paul Wilson on the Happy Head Podcast about what a typical day looks like for me, the importance of mindset, business and my story so far.