What is One to One Coaching?

One to one coaching gives you a solution-focused holistic support package specifically tailored to your needs.

During the one to one coaching, we would explore making peace with your past and create new healthier belief systems that override old beliefs that no longer serve you.

The coaching helps you gain clarity and increases your self-worth and self-esteem and therefore has a knock-on effect on your confidence and ability to be your best self.


Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you want to embrace change with passion, purpose & power
  • Stuck, and don’t know a way out of your situation?
  • Caught up in negative self-talk and negative conversation with others?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by yet another new initiative that you don’t have time for?
  • Feeling devalued
  • Feeling that you don’t have a voice

Are you already counting down the days until you can take a break? Are you constantly looking social media for inspiration, but somehow the posts don’t get to the ‘heart’ of your struggle?

If so, then I get it!


What will Coaching do for me?

How different do you think your life will be when you have:
  • Freedom from your thoughts
  • New exciting ways to motivate people around you
  • A fantastic work / life balance
  • The ability to become a leader in your field
  • New way of thinking and working
Can you IMAGINE having your own Coach who:
  • Completely understands you
  • Understands energy healing and can help you release energy blocks that are holding you back
  • Helps you manage your time effectively
  • Gives you confidence to step into your courage zone
  • Transforms your mindset, and enables you to create a succesfull life
  • Motivates you to get you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Leaves you feeling inspired to take action and live the life you dream about
  • Helps you make and achieve goals external and internal.
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Complimentary Discovery Session

I am currently offering complimentary discovery sessions. During this session you will have full clarity around your future, and you will feel inspired to take action and become the best version of yourself! We will also get the chance to see if one to one coaching is right for you, or if you may benefit from any other form of support from me.

Are you ready to find power, passion & purpose?

Take advantage of this 45-minute complimentary discovery session – it could be the most important 45 minutes of your life.

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Creating Balance

Creating Balance will  transform you from living a life filled with exhaustion, and frustration, to finding your life purpose.

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One to one coaching gives you a solution-focused holistic support package specifically tailored to your needs using energy & pyscology.

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Our retreats are sure to leave you feeling relaxed, revived, and ready to take on the world with a new mind-set.

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Silent Counselling

Silent Counselling enables you to release the negative emotions attached to past events, WITHOUT THE NEED TO TALK!

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Silent Counselling Training

Not only can you heal yourself, you can also learn to heal others too.

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‘‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel . . .’’


Maya Angelou

Client feedback

It was the end of Feb and I was a mess. I was feeling so down. My business was a mess, as I had no idea on where I was going and I felt a mess – it was like there was this massive opaque cloud in front of me that I just couldn’t see past.

Candice was the first person who came to mind – having only really met her a few times over an 18mth period, I have no idea why… The Universe was telling me, she was the one to help. So, I had a quick Zoom chat with her and from that knew I was on the right path.

Her 8-week course has transformed me. I have gone from being someone who felt totally unimportant in anyone’s life and so insecure in her abilities to do her job, as well as not really being able to see what the future held for me and my business – now I can see clearly ahead as to where I am going and what I need to do to get there.

It isn’t an overnight transformation, but rather a slow peeling off layers as we dealt with various issues and created my vision for the future with clarity. Candice has such insight into how you are feeling and thinking that it is amazing. Her ‘toolbox’ seems to be never-ending, but she has so much that can help clear the fog and get you on the right path.


Teaching is an extremely demanding profession without the added pressure of being unsupported in the workplace and it is based on this that I had to seek ‘help!

’ I’ve just finished a 6 week Life Transformational process with Candice and to say she gave me the tools to help pull me out of a deep, dark pit is an understatement. The extent of my psychological injury was, what I thought, irreparable, but slowly and surely, Candice helped me re-wire my brain to erode those negative thoughts. I’m not only using the tools she gave me but recalling and reflecting on her words of wisdom. It is thanks to these skills that I am now on a journey of recovery and doing things that make my heart sing, remembering what is important and working hard to get out of ‘victim’ mode. What I have learned from this experience is don’t wait until ‘critical’ level. I tried to work it all out on my own but without success. Candice saved my life.


Working with Candice through her Creating Balance Programme has been a truly empowering and enlightening experience. Candice's open and intuitive coaching style has enabled e to gain the clarity in my life which I have been seeking; enabling me to set clear and inspiring goals for the future. Highly Recommend!

Ruth Rathband

Had a fantastic day at your 1st seminar Candice and am so looking forward to the next on 28th September. You gave me tools and a belief in myself that has helped me work through my toughest year.

Pat Seivewright

I had been a Headteacher for 10 years when I attended Candice Wilson’s Creating Balance programme for Professionals.

I loved the school and the school community but struggled at times with the constant demands and changes in policy and procedures that made the job stressful and at times less fulfilling. It can be a lonely and isolating job, especially when “the buck stops with you”. I found my work life/balance suffering and knew it was time to do something.

The Creating Balance course gave me a great toolkit to look at how a mindset change, planning/ setting goals/journaling and creating a vision board, to name only a few, helped me lead better, not just the school but myself. 🙂

The difference it made was life-changing. I have often wished that Councils could offer this kind of care and support to teachers, middle and senior leaders to let them know they are valued and equip them better to do the demanding, challenging but very valuable and life-changing job they do. At a crucial time when Councils can’t recruit enough teachers and many are leaving the profession, and in addition they can’t get Headteachers, perhaps knowing that they were valued and had a bank of tools to support them would make a difference.

Can’t recommend this course enough. Thank you, Candice

RW, Headteacher, Scotland
Moving Forward with Candice Wilson

I help women embrace change with passion,
purpose & power

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