Best Of You

Live a Life of Purpose & Freedom

What’s Included In The Course?

Best of You

My 90 Day Business Accelerator Process is designed to help you step into your power, shine your light on a world that needs it more than ever. Throughout the 12 weeks you will receive weekly energy healings to release any stagnant energy that requires releasing  as you evolve on your entrepreneurial journey supporting you to raise your vibration to attract more of the life you desire.

1.  Business Breakthrough Session 

Understanding where your business is at right now, where are the gaps bringing CLARITY for the road ahead, set your goals.

 2.  Magical Money Mindset - Releasing all your money stories, creating new healthy pathways to attract the abundance that you deserve.

3.  Busting those limiting beliefs - Exploring the stories that you have told yourself until now and creating new healthier pathways that enable you to flow into your life’s purpose with ease and grace. 

4.  Personality Profiling - Understanding your personality, why you do what you do and what your best strengths are for running a business.


5.  Connecting clearly with your dream client  - Digging deep to understand everything you need to know about your dream client. WHY you want to help them and WHAT you will offer them.


6.  Creating your Mission & Vision - Getting clear on your MISSION, and what your true life PURPOSE.  

7.  Creating your Irresistible offer - Designing the package for your dream client bringing your skills, expertise and     life experience together .

8. Creating your lucrative landing /sales pa - Designing your very own landing page that will be irresistible for your dream client to purchase your offerings. 

9.  Finding your fantastic funnel /marketing strategy - Creating the marketing strategy that aligns with you and your dream client. 


10. Other benefits 

  • Perfecting the practicalities such as admin, invoicing, accountancy etc 

  • Long term Goal setting

  • Free week to catch up and mop up any areas that require further input etc 

  • Celebrations and Evaluations & Certifications

  • Bonus Week - 13 - Introducing the power of Feng Shui Principles into your business. 

  • Each week you set intentions and are matched up with a business buddy to help keep you accountable

  • The course is facilitated in a PRIVATE Facebook Group and all trainings are recorded and workbooks are provided to support the weekly trainings.

BONUS - 3 months Membership to Divine Timing, Private Members Group 

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