About Candice Wilson

Unleashing the impact of purpose-led coaches, therapists and healers

Hi, I’m Candice Wilson, and I’m here to help you release your magic, transform the way you approach your business, and create a life and business that fires you up every single day.

I know what it’s like to struggle to find your niche, and to find where your healing gifts fit in with making a good living – one that gives you the freedom you deserve.


Although I had managed to help thousands of people through counselling and coaching, I struggled for years with self doubt, overwhelm and not believing in myself. All the time I had lots of inner conflict going on.

It was at one of my lowest points when personal circumstances had sent my life spiraling out of control, that I discovered almost by accident that strategy alone was not enough!

All the business coaches I’d tried, all the marketing gurus, the books and courses – the issue was that they were telling me to do things that I was energetically resisting, on a subconscious level.

I was dealing with self-sabotage.

It wasn’t until I found a way of identifying those sneaky subconscious “silent assassin blockages” that I finally understood why nothing was working.

Once that was unblocked, the transformation in my approach was phenomenal!

The energy work I’ve done – to discover and unblock my issues at their root causes – has radically transformed my life. I’ve created a life that is unrecognisable from just a few years ago, and I want the same for you!

So if you’re trying everything and nothing’s working, it’s not because you’re not a great therapist or healer!

It’s not because you’re doing anything “wrong.”
It’s not even because you’re “not cut out for business.”

Because you are! You can do whatever is needed to turn your gifts into a crystal clear vision and see the steps you need to take to create your dream business! You have everything you need within yourself.

I want to help you unleash your potential, your impact, and your income. You will be re-energised and understand yourself unlike you have ever before.

With a combination of deeply transformational energy work, and drawing on my years of successful coaching, along with practical business support that gives you space to be aligned with your soul’s purpose….the stars are the limit.

I’m truly excited to see your dreams come true on your new journey with me.

Lots of love,


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I am currently offering complimentary discovery sessions. During this session you will have full clarity around your future, and you will feel inspired to take action and become the best version of yourself! We will also get the chance to see if one to one coaching is right for you, or if you may benefit from any other form of support from me.

Are you ready to let your light shine in a world that needs it more than ever?

Take advantage of this 45-minute complimentary discovery session – it could be the most important 45 minutes of your life.

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