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Hi, I'm Candice Wilson. Your Life Transformation Coach!

Welcome, I am truly excited to have you here!

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” CS.Lewis

Helping my clients reclaim their POWER, find their PASSION & PURPOSE and create their new story, albeit scary is what keeps me alive.  The most rewarding experience in the world is watching someone feel completely aligned with their soul’s purpose while going though the Transformation Process. 

Working with me 

Together we become clear about where it is you want to go, what do you want to gain from your life, what do you want to let go of ? 

Currently, you may feel that every day is a challenge and that you are falling deeper and deeper into what seems like a big black hole,  This can make life feel like a living hell and you may worry that you are depressed and you notice that your relationships are deteriorating.  You may have a sense of despair and often feel SAD, LONELY and STUCK, as if you are existing rather than living. 

With my help, you can transform your life, enjoy fulfilling relationships and feel completely aligned with yourself. 

This will benefit every area of your life, because once you have worked on yourself and TRUST the process of life, then everything falls into place.

Whether that be changing career, looking for a new relationship, planning a future for you and your family, becoming fitter and healthier, whatever it is I then hold you accountable and support you to take steps each week on how to get there.

Using the magic of Silent Counselling (energy psychology) to help you release energy blocks from your past, and powerful coaching questions to empower you to take ownership of your future you will become crystal clear about your vision.

  • You will be spending time doing more of what makes your heart sing and less on what makes your heart sink. 
  • You will be re-energised and understand yourself unlike you have ever before.  You will attract like minded high energy people into your life and find yourself releasing any toxic relationships. 
  • We will meet on a weekly basis, either in person or via video call, we will work through the Creating Balance process and you will keep on track of your goals and action taking. 
  • Each session we will explore your limiting beliefs and any energy blocks that may be holding you back from your dream life.  We will quickly turn your state from Victim of your circumstances to Choice therefore leaving you empowered and ready to take action.

If you have had enough of EXISTING and are ready to start LIVING then please follow the steps below -: 

Step 1 

Book your discovery call today!

Step 2 

On the call we will explore your hopes and dreams and what is holding you back. 

Step 3 

We implement s strategy to help you move forward into the life you desire. 

Complimentary Discovery Session

I am currently offering complimentary discovery sessions. During this session you will have full clarity around your future, and you will feel inspired to take action and become the best version of yourself! We will also get the chance to see if one to one coaching is right for you, or if you may benefit from any other form of support from me.

Are you ready to find power, passion & purpose?

Take advantage of this 45-minute complimentary discovery session – it could be the most important 45 minutes of your life.

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