Could it be that you are living in fear?

Fear of what may never be, Fear of what might be?

When I reflect on my life I think about the times that I spent feeling stuck and then recognise how much fear was holding me back!

I remember when I wanted to go fully self -employed but for some reason could not find the courage to hand my notice in at work.

I had no idea that the “thing” that was holding me back was……..


But, I didn’t have a good understanding around what it was about that I was fearful of!

Have you ever felt scared, but can’t quite put your finger on it?

It turns out, after some work on myself, that I feared SUCCESS!

Why would someone be scared of success, you may be thinking …..

Turns out that I was just a bit anxious around where I would fit in. I mean what would friend/family think?

Would people who are important to me still want to be around me?

Quite crazy, irrational thoughts really!

Are you aware of the acronym for FEAR?


It was false evidence!

It wasn’t real. It was just my head overthinking, trying to predict the future….

But, the reality?

– We can’t predict the future.
– We can’t avoid fear.
– We can’t stop our minds from thinking.

Once I realised what I was fearful of, and had the support to unpick it and realised that it was just


The following week I had the confidence, I put my notice in at work!

And do you know what?

I have never looked back

So, I will leave you with this one question…..

Are you ready to replace fear with faith?

Denis Brzozowski

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