Stepping out of your Comfort zone and into your Courage Zone

Writing an article, the other week on replacing Fear with Faith got me thinking.

Why are we living in Fear?

Could it be because it is much safer to stay in our Comfort Zone?

I can see why, because you know what is the great thing about being in your comfort zone …?

You know where you are, there’s no surprises or unexpected happenings ?

As human beings, we naturally crave habits and comfort and this could be why it’s so difficult for us to change.

It also helps us remain in control, when we stay the same, we remain in control and we know what to expect.

We have a regular routine and we feel safe.

You know what comes with change ………?

Uncertainty …

And with uncertainty,

Comes a lack of control

What happens if you dare to step out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone?

And, I can speak about this from a very recent experience, in fact writing that article the other week took me out of my comfort zone.

For those of you that know me, your likely to know that I come across confident and can speak with confidence in lots of different work settings, i.e. delivering training, running groups, running seminars, one on one coaching, retreats etc.

And some of you will know that I have a dream of reaching clients, teachers, across the globe and making a difference in the world.

But do you know what ……?

……for years I have kept in my comfort zone of working face to face whether it be trainings, retreats, one to one coaching, Creating Balance delivery etc.

This is all great and I am passionate about what I do….

However, is working in my comfort zone going to help me reach an International clientele?

No, it won’t and I know that from years of experience.

So, what did I need to do?

Well, with a little shove from my coach Lewis Raymond Taylor (who advised that I need to build up an online following if I wanted an online business.) makes sense I guess ?

So, he suggested I write an article that would be off value, hence the article on Fear.

For some reason, I have avoided putting too much on Social Media as I don’t feel I have much to say …..

I know the people that know me will be questioning that I don’t have much to say … it’s an online thing lol

But you know what, that’s the old me …. before I stepped into my courage zone.

This last few weeks has been so rewarding, and I realise that I have something of value to offer …many people asked If I was speaking directly to them when they read the article and I have received lots of personal messages and great responses on my Facebook pages.

How do you think I am feeling after stepping into my Courage zone?

Pretty bleeding good actually

Don’t waste your life by settling for less than you deserve .. Life is supposed to be fun and exciting.

What can you do today to step out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone?

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I am passionate about Personal Development and enabling people to become the best version of themselves. I have studied Corporate & Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Systemic Family therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Detox and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and have worked with thousands of people through coaching, training, family support etc, most of my experience is in education where I work with families, children and teenagers, teachers and head teachers.

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