Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success.

How do you define success?

Take a minute,

Think about……..

How successful are you?

Do you measure success by what material possessions you own?

Is it defined by the size of the house you have?

Is it defined by the car you drive?

Is it defined by your status at work?

Is it defined by the business you own?

Is it defined by how well your children are doing, by what they have achieved?

Working with such a wide range of clients is great and helps me to understand people at a deeper level.

At the onset of our sessions I always check in with the client and ask what their hopes are from the coaching.

Many will say to me, “I want to be successful” others will say “I just want to feel happy”

I have coached many amazing teachers, some who have won awards for their teaching.

In my mind, I would say that’s a great definition of success. However, they are sitting in front of me for a reason.

Often, they are unhappy.

They are unhappy, unhappy because they have a very unbalanced work/life balance. The additional pressures of being a teacher often has a great impact on many other areas of their lives.

They have little time for family, hobbies friendships etc. as they are so tired at the end of the day and if they are not planning for the next day or marking school work, they find themselves watching mindless TV or on Social Media etc. Anything that doesn’t require too much head space.

Does that mean that they are not successful, or does it mean that success is not important any longer?

I don’t have the answer and it’s not my job to find the answer.

My job is to help clients have the life they desire by working out what is holding them back.

I love this quote by Ingrid Berman – “success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”

Success is all the money in the world; happiness is having people to spend it on.
Success is measurable; happiness is limitless.
Success is a fancy car; happiness is a great ride.
Success is working hard; happiness is loving the work.
Success is the fame; happiness is the rise.
Success is the race; happiness is the finish line.
Success is having everyone know your name; happiness is having the right people know your name.

What does success mean to you?


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I am passionate about Personal Development and enabling people to become the best version of themselves. I have studied Corporate & Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Systemic Family therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Detox and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and have worked with thousands of people through coaching, training, family support etc, most of my experience is in education where I work with families, children and teenagers, teachers and head teachers.

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