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Creating Balance Programme

What's included in the 12 Week Programme?

Join us for this fantastic 12-week Life Transformation Programme where you will benefit from:

Week One

Introductory Breakthrough Session

We kick off the programme with a breakthrough session. Here is where you will be introduced to the Creating Balance journey, evaluate your life where it is now, learn the benefits of effective breathing and meditation, goal setting and interesting brain facts.  From the breakthrough session you will create the momentum to take action and look forward to a journey of excitement and hope.

Week Two

Loss & Change

Exploring the Loss & Change process. Loss / change can happen in many different forms, such as Death of a loved one or pet, relationship breakdown, house move, illness, accident. During this week we explore some of the grief processes and how this impact on us in our life today.

Week Three

Your Happiness

Taking ownership of your happiness and how to manage your thoughts to get the results you desire – When we start taking ownership of our own lives, then everything else starts to fall into place. Let’s explore our negative behaviour and thoughts and how this impacts on our life.  We’ll look at taking back your power, owning your happiness by owning your experiences.

Week Four

Your Can Do Shoes!

Put on your Can Do shoesThis week we start exploring what it is that is holding you back from your desired life and we EMPOWER you to take control in the areas that you are able to control/influence and you learn how to release that which you are unable to change.

Week Five

Making Peace

Making PEACE with your PAST – This week we are exploring resentment and forgiveness.  You will start making Peace with your Past and move into your future with your worries left behind. You will acknowledge your failings and have an honest relationship with them. You will also learn Silent Counselling techniques to release emotions that are holding you back from leading the life you desire.

Week Six

Personal Power Statement

Creating your own Personal Power Statement – 

In week 3 we are creating our Personal Power Statement.  The power statement encapsulates your WHY, keeps you going through rough times and helps with decision making.  When you are aligned with your personal power statement then you are much more likely to be guaranteed happiness.

Week Seven

Vision Board

Vision Board for your Future – This week you will also create your own Vision Board.  Visualisation is important.  Studies show that it can improve motivation, coordination and concentration while reducing fear and anxiety.  A vision board is a collage that allows you to lay out your ideal future using pictures and words.

Week Eight

Life Purpose

Find your Life PurposeFinding your life purpose is a tool for a happier, healthier life. When you identify your life purpose you will find your career and relationships become much more satisfying and fulfilling.

Week Nine

Fulfulling Relationships

Replace toxic relationships with fulfilling relationships – Now that we have looked deep within ourselves and have a great understanding of what is important to us and what we want from our future, we start to think about how your relationships work for you. What you give and take from relationships. We learn how to identify toxic relationships and protect ourselves from them.

Week Ten

Self Care & Self Compassion

Self Care and Self Compassion – This week we are practising Self-care and recognising the benefits of treating yourself as you would a best friend.  Self-care involves integrating self-compassion into your life in a way that helps to prevent the possibility of burn out.

Week Eleven


Assertiveness; How to get your voice heard without offending othersAssertiveness can help you control stress and anger and improve your coping skills. When you are more assertive you express yourself more freely, stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others.

Week Twelve

Let's Celebrate

Celebrations, evaluations etcThis week we are evaluating your Creating Balance Journey.  You will look back only to see how far you have come.
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What else is included?

Downloadable accompanying PDF workbooks and worksheets to support you during the online videos!
Private Facebook Group where you will connect with like-minded individuals!
Personal support from Candice, via messenger and email to ensure you get the most out of the programme!

Complimentary Discovery Session

I am currently offering complimentary discovery sessions. During this session you will have full clarity around your future, and you will feel inspired to take action and become the best version of yourself! We will also get the chance to see if one to one coaching is right for you, or if you may benefit from any other form of support from me.

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