Turn your healing skills into a purposeful & profitable dream business

The world needs healers, counsellors and coaches like yourself now more than ever before!

I’m on a mission to help you get your shining light out from hiding under the bushes of self- doubt, overwhelm and limiting beliefs.

These limiting beliefs are holding you back from unleashing your healing powers on the world, and it’s time to crush them once and for all.

Your skills make you worthy of success and freedom.

You have the potential to make a massive impact, help thousands more people and create your dream life! The one where you leap out of bed each morning excited to start the day ahead.

And a purpose-led healing practice needs a purpose-led business coach; one who gives you space to fully align your business with your values.

That’s where I can help.

I’m a business and life transformation coach who had tried every system on the planet to break through, until I found the key that finally set me on fire and allowed me to align my business with my life and purpose. You can read my journey here.

  • You deserve freedom from limiting beliefs about yourself, money and success

  • You deserve fully-aligned support to grow your business and get the financial freedom you need

  • You deserve a new spiritual levelling up for yourself and your business so you can unleash your impact

“Candice offers a complete package in both personal, business and training development. Candice is a terrific coach who provides her client’s with tools to manage their emotions while putting in place action steps helping the individual to move forward creating their desired outcome for life. This is hard to find anywhere else.”