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Life Coach Glasgow

Candice Wilson

Turn your healing skills into a 
purposeful & profitable dream business

Mindset unblocked + practical business support =

explosive impact and income

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Natasha Edwards

"Mind blown... after just having

a session with Candice!


I felt the biggest surge of energy throughout my body."

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Crystal Chni

"This woman has helped me emotionally, mentally and physically resolve some deep-rooted issues. It had helped me unlock the power of self-belief within myself and that is truly priceless."


Dawn Mackenzie

I suffer from panic attacks whilst driving and I have tried everything. Yesterday I was in a high state of anxiety and stress and covered 140 miles with a client in my car. Totally free from panic!

My Mission

I’m on a mission to help you get your shining light out
from hiding under the bushes of self-doubt,
overwhelm and limiting beliefs.

These limiting beliefs are holding you back from unleashing your healing powers on the world, and it’s time to crush them once and for all. Your skills make you worthy
of success and freedom.

You have the potential to make a massive impact, help thousands more people and create your dream life! The one where you leap out of bed each morning excited to start the day ahead.

And a purpose-led healing practice needs a purpose-led business coach; one who gives you space to fully align your business with your values.

My unique courses help you break through limiting beliefs, ditch the self-doubt and overwhelm and create a purposeful and profitable dream business . . .

I’m a business and life transformation coach who had tried every system on the planet to break through until I found the key that finally set me on fire and allowed me to align my business with my life and purpose.


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