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Life Coach Glasgow

Candice Wilson
Business & Lifestyle Coach/
Silent Counselling Global Ambassador 


To help spiritually led coaches, therapists & health-care professionals unleash their gifts for 
It is time to STOP hiding under the bushes

and start shining your light in a world

that needs you more than ever.

I aim to help you unlock your power, become aligned with your purpose and make the impact

 on the world that you are destined to make.

I passionately believe in the power of energy work. 

Since it transformed my own life and business,
I'm now on a mission to extend the
reach of an extremely powerful
Rapid Energy Release Modality named 

with other coaches,  therapists &
health-care professionals like you,
to help you turn your skills into a
profitable and purposeful business
while enabling your clients to
transform their lives 

Discover the new fast, effective and
easy to learn modality that allows you
to help your clients heal trauma
and trapped emotions
without the need for them to talk
about their problems or relive their
past memories.

Ways I can help you :


  • Best of You - FREE Facebook Group 

  • Divine Timing - Weekly Membership Group 

  • Best of You - Business Accelerator Programme


  • Creating Balance - Life Transformation Coaching

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Sam Evans
CEO Cognitive Switch Training Academy 

Silent Counselling not only TRANSFORMED my life, my business and my ability to trust myself deeply as a practitioner,  my soul knew that this method had to be taught worldwide

I am now sharing the power of this Rapid Energy Release and the true meaning of healing of the nervous system.

This is the missing piece to every coaching practice and vital for every human on the planet to embody. 

Joanna Choncer
Visibility & Business Coach

This is a wonderful modality to have in my toolkit.  One of my clients who has seen many consultants for the limited movement in her arm with unsuccessful results and had full movement in her arm within a 45 min session.  I highly recommend Candice and Silent Counselling 

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Jojo Ellen 
Spiritual Teacher/Trainer 
Creator of Activation Method

Since learning about the
Rapid Energy Release
my life has changed dramatically.
I have been able to rid my body from so much emotional stress AND
physical pain.  I learned how powerful the MIND & BODY Connection is and what we feel affects our physical state. 

I have now helped 100's of clients and I will forever be in the debt of the creators, this has changed my life and I am so grateful that I can also help
heal myself and others 


My Mission

I’m on a mission to help you get your shining light out
from hiding under the bushes of fear, self-doubt and 

These fears are self sabotage holding you back from unleashing your healing powers on the world, and it’s time to crush them once and for all. Your skills make you worthy
of success and freedom.

You have the potential to make a massive impact, help thousands more people and create your dream life! The one where you leap out of bed each morning excited to start the day ahead.

And a spiritually-led healing practice needs a spiritually-led business coach; one who gives you space to fully align your business with your values.

My unique courses help you break through limiting beliefs, ditch the self-doubt and overwhelm and create a purposeful and profitable dream business . 

I’m a Business and Lifestyle Transformation Coach & Silent Counselling Global Ambassador who had tried every system on the planet to break through until I found the key that finally set me on fire and allowed me to align my business with my life and purpose.


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